Handy mFortune tips on how to win at slots

While nobody can give you foolproof advice on how to win at slots, there might be a thing or two you can learn from some handy mFortune tips on how to win at slots.

Handy tips on how to play slots

There are some pretty strange ideas on the best slots to play, from avoiding some slots because they are extremely popular to choosing games with lower volatility. Some will tell you a good slot is the one you like best, so whether you win or lose, you will have a good time just giving it a shot! Of course, enthusiastic gamers have their opinions about slot machine tips, but the secret to increase your chances of winning on slot machines can be more straightforward than you think.

Choose a higher RTP (return to player)

The return to player rate shows the probability of a machine returning money to players considering the amount players put into a slot over time. It makes sense then that games with higher RTP rates will pay out more often. Keep in mind that a higher RTP doesn’t guarantee a win.

Place higher bets

Payouts in slots with multipliers will payout according to your bet, so the lower your stake is, the less you will receive once you land the winning symbols in the right line. Therefore, it would be wiser to play with higher bets. While most people playing for a jackpot will instinctively go for higher payouts, slots with lower jackpots payout more often.


Know the paytable

A good starting point is to get to grips with the paytable and symbols, how these work and which combinations will give you returns on your bet. If you know the paytable and how symbols can influence the game and when your chances are better to win, it will help to know when to increase your bet, take the gamble, or take the money and run.

Timing could be everything

When playing a progressive jackpot slot, it could be a good idea to keep an eye on what the jackpot is at the time you wish to play. Some people might argue it is best to play when jackpots are very high already and when you are closer to the winning combination.

There’s no beating the system

While players can employ all these strategies, it is worth noting that it does not guarantee a win. All mFortune slots are run by Random Number Generators (RNGs), which means that the outcome of every game is 100% random. They don’t call it games of chance for no reason!

The very best slots to play at mFortune

Many fun games hold rewarding prizes at mFortune. At the same time, most are included in the mega progressive jackpot that pays out if players land the winning combination of symbols in a line. The jackpot starts at £400,000, which makes playing any of the magic slots exciting. Once you’ve got the strategies discussed down, be sure to give any of the slots at mFortune a try!


Individual game apps

Some games at mFortune can be downloaded individually as apps from the App Store on iOS or via Google Play on Android.

  • Reel Fruity
  • Snakes and Ladders

Mega progressive slots

When gamers bet on these slots, percentages go towards the jackpot and the reserve jackpot for a slot with a huge payout.

  • Cleopatra’s prizes
  • Fantasy Gold

New exciting games

mFortune has Intouch Games as the in-house game developer, and new games are indicated with a red “New” corner sticker.

  • Lotus Queen
  • King of Egypt